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Lesson Description

Use a model to create stars from a stellar nebula and track those stars through their life cycles in an attempt to resolve conflicts and answer questions from party attendees. Collect evidence of star colors, luminosity, solar mass, lifespans, composition, and temperature along your journey.

Central Question

What is the life cycle of a star and what is the relationship of mass to star death?

Instructional Objective

Compare competing arguments related to the life cycle of stars and evaluate empirical evidence collected as a scientific way of knowing.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Generate procedures to effectively use a stellar life cycle model in order to collect empirical evidence.
  2. Use the HR diagram to model and explain the relationships between stellar mass and the star’s luminosity and temperature.
  3. Use a model to support or refute a claim about the relationships between the mass of a star (such as the Sun), it’s color, and the lifetime of that star.
  4. Model and explain the life cycle of a star and its relationship to the origin and process of element formation in a solar system.
  5. Explain the purpose, benefits, and limitations of the model in describing the sun’s life cycle.


  • Temperature 
  • Nuclear Fusion 
  • Periodic Table 
  • Big Bang

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