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The latest Argos Platform update launched August 2, 2023. Many of these updates are aimed at creating a more intuitive user experience. Here you will find user navigation improvements, ease of use (course set up, instructor controls, etc), and a new adaptive page tool! 

As you navigate through the updated platform, if you find any bugs we may have missed, please use our Report an Issue option to let us know. It is always helpful to include the steps you followed that produced the bug.

For Students

  • New Course Overview: Student course overview contains updated interface that now shows Due Dates, smart suggestions based on assignments that are up next, and a built in course Discussion Board.

  • Idle timer & Session Timeout: A 30-minute session timeout was introduced to prevent students who leave their window idle for an extended period of time from losing their connection to the server.

For Creators

  • New Adaptive Page Tool: Infiniscope members now have access to a new adaptive page tool with an intuitive user interface for lesson creation. Members without a coding background can now create classroom deliverable lessons that integrate just in time feedback and pathing used for differentiation. A flowchart integration enables users to view the individual paths students may follow during the lesson.

For Instructors

  • New Course Setup Wizard: Comprehensive course setup flow enables scheduling features and helps with section tracking for instructors and administrators.
  • Course Scheduler: New instructor interface for creating a course schedule (suggested deadlines a.k.a. soft deadlines) and improvements to creating hard deadlines in a calendar view.
  • Assessment Settings: New instructor controls allow for further course customization including the ability to change the number of attempts allowed per lesson, the scoring strategy per lesson, and whether students can start or submit attempts after the deadline.
  • New Reports & Analytics: New Instructor-facing reports show student Progress and Proficiency for the overall course, and by Unit and Page/Lesson. Courses with Learning Objective mapping also have reports showing mastery by Learning Objectives.
  • Built-In Discussion Board: Each course comes with a built-in discussion board that can be toggled on/off by the instructor. Content specific discussion collaborative spaces exist alongside standard pages and will be coming soon for adaptive pages.

Other Items

For Students in HabWorlds - Some Changes to the Course

  • Unit 2, R*: Scaffolding was added to the lessons, the number of student attempts were increased, and some gating was added in training lessons. The assessment screens were divided up so there are fewer questions on each screen.
  • Unit 3, fp: Additional trap states and information on screens were added throughout the unit to help students and clarify misconceptions. The assessment screens were divided up so there are fewer questions on each screen.
  • Unit 4, ne: Scaffolding was added to training lessons, including setting pop-up tips to be open by default, and some gating was removed to help students through lessons. Some assessment screens were divided into multiple screens and additional clarifying information was added on some screens.

Educator Mode