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Create a Virtual Field Trip!

Get your students excited about learning with a virtual field trip! Learn how to create your own VFT and engage your students in place-based education in our summer workshop: June 27-29!

Creative Tools

From immersive virtual tours to customized lessons and courseware, Infiniscope's content creation tools enable you to create engaging and pedagocially rich learning experiences designed for your learners.

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Fate of the Plates

Explore the mechanics of plate tectonics!  Investigate plate margins, explore surface features and model plate boundaries as you traverse the globe with Orby, an interplanetary explorer who is fascinated by Earth's unique surface.

Sparking Curiosity

Learning happens when students are curious. That's why curiosity is at the core of everything we do. Infiniscope is a NASA-funded project that is transforming Earth and space science education.

Educator Created VTs

Looking for MORE digital content in your online classroom? Explore our collection of educator-created virtual tours developed during our summer virtual tour workshop. 

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Solar System Formation

Unlock the secrets of solar system formation through simulations and real-world data. Discover how condensation temperatures can influence the properties of planets in this new experience.