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An intuitive authoring experience

Drag and drop functionality and a WYSIWYG editing tool make it easy to create rich educational experiences. Pick a screen template, add your own images and content and easily preview with just one click. 

  • Design templates
  • Flowchart tool
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Rich text editor
  • LMS integration


Dynamic content delivered at just the right time

Every learner has different strengths and challenges. Ensure that they all get the right content delivered at the right time with adaptive pathways. Correct misconceptions, fill in learning gaps, or extend learning by leveraging students' existing knowledge to determine their learning journey. 

  • Support struggling learners
  • Challenge high achievers
  • Provide opportunities for student agency
  • Increase engagement 




Put the “active” in interactive learning

Make learning a multimodal experience. Embed videos, websites, and simulations directly into the lesson to engage learners in different ways and allow for student agency. 

  • Select from six question types
  • Embed videos from a URL or direct upload
  • Add visualizations or websites with the iframe feature
  • Import and resize images with ease
  • WCAG 2.0 compliant for accessibility


Feedback designed to be more personal

The best feedback mirrors that of a skilled instructor. Author advanced feedback based on student responses to address misconceptions and provide guidance to learners.

  • Customizable feedback for each response
  • Built-in default feedback
  • Simple feedback editor
  • One-click preview


It's easy to get started. Just complete this form, and we'll send you instructions on how to create an account and access this free tool. 



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