Before submitting your content to the community:

Go to your Workspace (found in the drop down menu under your name), go to Lessons, choose the lesson you want to submit as contributed content.

Content check:

Does your lesson contain NASA related content? NASA related content includes NASA images, data, videos; Infiniscope visualizations, Earth Explorations, Space Explorations; and/or NASA sponsored sites.

Does your lesson lack misconceptions or is it designed to correct misconceptions? A misconception is an inaccurate, scientific representation.

Does your lesson contain copyright free material? All material used is available under public domain, creative commons 1.0 (CC1.0), or falls under copyright “Fair Use.” Infiniscope is not responsible for copyright infringement that may occur in Contributed Content or in an educator’s workspace. Members submitting content to the Infiniscope Teaching Network bear all responsibility for verifying copyright laws have not been violated in content they are sharing. By clicking ‘yes’, you agree to this policy.


Congratulations! Your lesson has met all of the criteria for submitting contributed content. Here are your next steps.

Make a duplicate of your lesson. Rename your original to include MASTER in the title. Please keep your original lesson as a master so you can continue improving its content without affecting the contributed version and those using your version. If you don't know how to duplicate your lesson, click here and follow the steps.

To duplicate a lesson, please follow the steps :

  • Log into your Workspace.
  • Click “Lessons” in the top navigation bar.
  • Select the lesson you want to duplicate by checking the box to the left.
  • Click “Duplicate” in the dark blue header.
  • In the box that appears, click “Copy Lessons.”
  • Rename the copied lesson. Be sure to remove “Copy of” from the title.
  • Record the lesson ID, which consists of the last 5 digits of the lesson URL. Under “Settings,” click “Make lesson page public (anyone with the link can view).”
  • Also, under “Settings,” click “Enable public enrollments.” In the box that appears, select your activation options before clicking “Activate.”

Add Infiniscope ( ) to your lesson as a collaborator with edit access, as well as all collaborators on the project.

On the Overview tab, complete the following fields:

  • Lesson Title
  • Learning Objectives
  • Topics Covered (Separate the topics with commas. For example, Astronomy, Galaxy, Stars.)

Before moving forward, please verify that you have completed the prerequisite steps.