Build A Virtual Tour, Take your students on an adventure, Infiniscope

     Enable student agency, personalize learning and capture the magic of place-based education with your own virtual tour.

It’s finally here!!! Our new virtual tour builder, Tour It, is ready to go! We are granting early access to workshop participants so that you can deliver immersive virtual learning experiences to the audiences you serve.

Whether it’s a historically or culturally relevant location in your neighborhood or out in the Milky Way to search for habitable worlds, immerse your students in STEAM learning experiences delivered right to their doorstep. Join our summer Virtual Tour Workshop to get step-by-step guidance on designing and building a virtual tour. Check out this quick example we created in just 30 minutes with the most recent Perseverance update.

Place-based education is learner-centered, inquiry-based, and interdisciplinary. But field-trips can be challenging to plan, expensive, and inaccessible for some learners. Capturing the magic of place with a virtual tour enables you to reach a diverse range of learners in a way that is both inclusive and equitable. Make place-based learning accessible to all of your learners. Register now to save your spot.

                                        Join us July 19-22 at 11:00 PT/ 2:00 ET

               Each session is 90 minutes of training, followed by a bit of homework to prepare you for the next day. 

Infiniscope Virtual Tour Workshop. July 19-22, 2021, 11:00 - 12:30 PT. Day 1 Meet Tour It. You'll be introduced to our new VT tool, Tour It. You'll see what it is, how it works and take it for a spin. Day 2 Tapping into the Magic. A place is more than just a dot on the map. It has history and character. Learn how to tap into the magic with the fundamentals of place-based education. Day 3 Go with the Flow. A flow map will help you plan your adventure from start to finish making sure you include everyone along the way. Day 4 Lights, Camera, Action! Transform your tour into a learning experience with stunning imagery and rich multi-media interactions.             

     We will be holding a Virtual Tour Showcase on Thursday, August 5th, 3:30 - 5:00 PT to share your virtual tours. See what other participants have created and meet like-minded educators. 

            Earn up to 15 recertification hours for participation in the training and showcase.

       Participants will need access to a smartphone and a computer to complete the training.

    Register now to harness the power of 360-degree video and bring place-based education to life!

         *To gain access to the Tour It  tool, registrants must be members of the Infiniscope Network. Not a member? Join now at