Intro to Infiniscope Webinar Event

Join us for an all access pass to Infiniscope!

Whether you’re new to Infiniscope or are just looking for a refresher on the resources available, this webinar is for you! 

Join us July 22, 2019 @ 11:30 PDT for a 30-minute walk-through of the NASA-funded project. The Infiniscope team develops web-based digital learning experiences for all ages that can be used in either formal or informal learning environments. Membership in the Infiniscope Digital Teaching Network provides additional resources and opportunities beyond these digital learning experiences. The Infiniscope community empowers educators of all kinds to collaborate and create innovative, educational experiences that meet the needs of learners of all ages.

This 30-minute tour includes an overview of: 

  • Infiniscope learning experiences 
  • resources provided for formal and informal educators
  • additional content provided to network members
  • tools to simplify tasks and individual learning
  • a professional learning community

This webinar and the resources, tools, and community are totally provided to you for free! 

Reserve your spot today!