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The Infiniscope Community empowers educators of all kinds to collaborate and create innovative, educational experiences that meet the needs of learners of all ages.

To achieve this goal, we wish to grow a community of educators that embrace educational technology as a tool to engage learners in their personal learning journey.

Infiniscope has built the Hivespace, a place that enables educators to collaborate. Just as members of a hive work to build a stronger community, so does the Infiniscope hive work together in the community to build educational products that meet the needs of all learners.

Community Benefits:

More Digital Content!

  • Utilize simulations and virtual field trips to engage learners in a whole new way
  • Access contributed content built by educators in the network

Connect with Educators!

  • Engage with educators through discussion forums and chat features
  • Seek out collaborators for projects
  • Find community and Infiniscope hosted events

Learn to Create!

  • Join a cluster to learn more about building adaptive learning experiences
  • Work with other educators creating content to share with the community
  • Identify NASA resources to embed in your learning experience to engage learners

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