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What is Infiniscope?

Infiniscope is a NASA-funded project that is transforming Earth and space science education and empowering educators through the creation of high-quality adaptive digital learning experiences, educator professional development, a community of practice, creative tools for designing digital content, and a robust set of educator resources.



Making a Difference

Consumers to Creators

Place-based education is a powerful tool for teaching and learning but not all students enjoy equal access to place-based learning due to a variety of factors. Infiniscope’s Tour It platform allows teachers to create their own virtual field trips, enabling students to explore pedagogically-rich but inaccessible places.

Enhancing STEM Education 

The Infiniscope project works closely with high school and middle school teachers to enhance teaching of STEM. Providing free digital resources that are engaging, content-rich and aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, develops opportunities for student growth particularly in urban and underserved areas.

Education Through Exploration

As part of the ETX Center, Infiniscope’s approach to learning design promotes active learning, inquiry, and an emphasis on compelling transdisciplinary questions. The challenges that humanity is facing require that more people understand Earth and space science. Infiniscope supports this goal by producing high-quality Earth and space science learning experiences that are are publicly available online

Meet the Principle Investigator

Dr. Ariel Anbar is the powerhouse behind the Infiniscope project and the founder of the ETX Center. When he's not busy fearlessly leading us into the unknown, you can find him inspiring young minds as a President's Professor or researching isotope geochemistry to better understand Earth’s past and future as an inhabited world, and the prospects for life beyond. You can read more about him here.

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