About This Project

Created by ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Infiniscope makes the vastness of space and space exploration inviting, accessible, and interactive for educators and learners of all ages. Infiniscope provides a virtual space to connect users with cutting edge space exploration experiences that inspire curiosity, excitement, engagement, and confidence.

Key Features

  • A searchable and sortable virtual home for engaging, next-generation exploratory activities open to everyone;
  • Exploratory activities specifically designed to use NASA data and subject matter experts;
  • Every exploratory activity is designed using an edtech platform built by Smart Sparrow, Inc. This means that each activity contains adaptive feedback and pathways that meet the needs of individual learners;
  • Exploratory activities are infused with the philosophy of education through exploration – a form of active, minds-on learning that can be engaged online and motivated by the rational exploration of big questions;
  • Not just another internet portal, it’s part of an innovative new teaching network – the Infiniscope Teaching Network – a digital platform that empowers a community of educators to collaborate, create, customize, and share these next-generation exploratory activities.

Key Goals


Be accessible

Make NASA science content accessible - everyone can be an explorer


Empower Educators

Bring high quality NASA data and expertise to educators and the ability to collaborate and create with their peers


Inspire learners

Encourage and develop a more science savvy citizenry that can help tackle the big problems we face


Form a community

Bring together communities of science experts, educators, and learners motivated by space exploration

Key Partners

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Leading the science and education of exploration

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Inventing the future of digitally-enhanced education at planetary scale

Edtech pioneers building the teaching technology platforms of the future